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How do I rate a location?

You can read rating descriptions for the entryway and bathroom below, but this video explains it best. It's short and provides important background especially for able-bodied people who may not have experience being around people using wheelchairs, power chairs or scooters. We here at AXS Map firmly believe that everyone can contribute ratings to AXS Map. This video should give you all the background you need. As AXS Map develops, we intend to create more training videos which will make your ratings even better. Stay tuned!

How do I rate the entryway?

Consider the following criteria when rating an entryway:

  • 1 star – narrow, multiple steps to climb, no ramp available
  • 2 stars – narrow, one step to climb, no ramp available
  • 3 stars – portable ramp available, too steep or difficult to navigate
  • 4 stars – wide entrance with steps, portable ramp available that is accessible
  • 5 stars – wide entrance, no steps or has permanent ramp, easily accessible

Remember reviews are subjective. There’s no wrong answer. Criteria for one star versus five stars may vary between volunteers. Because AXS Map is a crowd-sourced database, your unique perspective and insight is greatly appreciated.

How do I rate the bathroom?

Consider the following criteria when rating a bathroom:

  • 1 star – door swings in, small stalls, tall sinks, no bar supports around toilet
  • 2 stars – door swings in, average stalls, tall sinks, no bar supports around toilet
  • 3 stars – door swings out, large stalls, tall sinks, no bar supports around toilet
  • 4 stars – door swings out, large stalls, lowered sinks, one bar support around toilet
  • 5 stars – door swings out, large stalls, lowered sinks, two bar supports around toilet

Remember reviews are subjective. There’s no wrong answer. Criteria for one star versus five stars may vary between volunteers. Because AXS Map is a crowd-sourced database, your unique perspective and insight is greatly appreciated.

Can I add a place that's not on AXS Map?

No. AXS Map pulls from Google Places database to populate it’s maps. Google Places is working actively and diligently to catalogue every business everywhere all across the world. They do an amazing job and we rely on them. If a place is missing, we recommend submitting an inquiry to the great team at Google.

Do I need to input the address of a business to review it?

No, You do not. AXS Map is already populated with an index of businesses that we pull from Google Maps. This database of places is called 'Google Places'. By using this database, all the information on a business is already there and easy to use. In fact from our business location page which shows all the reviews for the business, you may also click a link to access the business on Google Places where you will find information on their hours of operation and other details. This also means that Google Places keeps their database current by adding new businesses and indicating when businesses close shop.

How do I get AXS Map t-shirts and postcards?

Soon, we will be launching a merchandise store. But for now, please contact [email protected]. We'll let you know about pricing and other details.

In my neighborhood or city, there are a lot of places that haven't been reviewed. What should I do?

Because AXS Map is new, there are still a lot of places that need to be reviewed. This is where you and your friends come in! We need communities to band together to map their neighborhoods. We started a special tool to help you and your community do this. It's called the 'Mapathon' tool, you should check it out! Basically it works like this: to jumpstart your community we recommend having an event and getting a lot of people together to go out and strategically conquer the neighborhood. If you don't want to start one, you can join one- we offer all the tools for you to make it happen. Check out the Mapathons page here.

Can I review places where I don't live?

Absolutely! If you have been to a place and have a good memory of it (perhaps it's a place you frequent) feel free to give a review! We encourage this.

Do I have to register in order to use AXS Map?

No, you do not need to join in order to use AXS Map. Without joining, you will still be able to see all the reviews on AXS Map, and you will have full access to everything on our maps. But if you would like to give reviews (and we hope that you do!) we will need you to join first. Joining is free and easy. You’ll just need to give an email address, a password, and a few brief items. We will not share this information with anyone. You can remain anonymous if you please. And we will not send anything to your email unless you select to receive our newsletter.

How do I find a place I want to review on the AXS Map database?

There are a few ways to find a place on AXS Map. On the main landing page for AXS Map there are two search boxes. If you are looking for ‘Joe’s Coffee’ in Biloxi, Louisiana, then you would type in ‘Joe’s Coffee’ in the box to the left and ‘Biloxi, Louisiana’ in the box on the right. If you are in a dense city like New York City it is helpful to type in the name of the location on the left and a nearby address or the actual address in the righthand box. Another approach is to just to type on the left ‘Everything’ and then on the right input an address at your location or nearby. Then the map will return 20 pins of businesses and places near that address that you inputted. For the best results, include the zip code on the address. After you see the map with the pins and search results listed on the left, you can choose to scroll through the search results OR you can explore the map. You can explore the map by panning on the map and/or zooming in on a certain area. The zoom is in the upper left corner of the map. After zooming in you can hit the ‘Refresh’ button (the magnifying glass) in the lower right corner of the map to refresh the results. When you hit the Refresh the map will return 20 new pins in the area you’ve zoomed in on. A few more clarifications on using the Search boxes - If you type in ‘Starbucks’ in the box on the left and ‘Naples, Florida’ in the box on the right, it will pull up all the Starbucks in Naples, Florida. If you type in ‘Starbucks’ in the box on the left and ‘New York, New York’ in the box on the right, it will return 20 Starbucks locations in New York, New York – of course there are more than 20, so it may not return the one you are wanting to review. So the best approach would be to input an address nearby. If you’ve tried all of these Search approaches, and can’t find the place you’d like to review then it could be that the Google Places database has not indexed that business. In which case, you must contact Google to add that location to their database. AXS Map pulls from Google Places, and we rely on their index.

What’s the process for a Mapathon?

Have you watched our Mapathon animation? If not, then see it here. It explains a lot. Also, here are the steps for a typical Mapathon:

  1. Schedule the Mapathon: When we’ve hosted Mapathons, we usually set a 4 hour period for a Saturday or Sunday. We also give you the option to make your Mapathon for a longer time period if you prefer – it can last a whole week if you prefer.
  2. Invite people to participate: We then invite tons of people.
  3. Kickoff the Mapathon: We have them meet in one spot for a kickoff. (You can also have a virtual kickoff if that works for you and your participants)
  4. Give a Quick Training to Participants: We show the volunteers our 'How To Rate video' and give them some other background from our toolkit. The toolkit includes a ‘Tips’ page which describes how you can use AXS Map from your phone’s web browser (Safari or Chrome) or use the AXS Map application for Android or for iPhone. If you don’t have a phone, you can even use paper forms, which are part of the toolkit.
  5. Register for AXS Map: Make sure all the participants have registered on AXS Map so they can input reviews. This is super easy and basically just requires an email address.
  6. Register for the Mapathon: Make sure your participants register for the Mapathon they’re participating in so we can count their reviews. This way at the end of the Mapathon you know how many reviews were inputted as part of your Mapathon!
  7. Divide into Teams: After the volunteers have about 10 mins (very short) of training, then divide them into teams of 2-3 people and assign each team to map different neighborhoods.
  8. Register your teams:: (Optional) If you want your teams to compete then make sure after registering for your Mapathon, make sure individuals join teams using the AXS Map tool. This way we’ll be able to track the number of reviews by each team.
  9. Assign Neighborhoods to Teams: It is important that teams generally know what blocks of the city to cover. Sometimes we do this by zip code, sometimes we set up a 5 by 5 block area for each team. It just depends.
  10. Offer Prizes:: (Optional )If you are offering prizes to the team or individual that inputs the most reviews show them the ‘Scoreboard’ page and outline your prizes.
  11. Offer T-shirts: (Optional If you’re handing out AXS Map t-shirts, hand those out.
  12. Send teams and individuals out to map: Then, you’ll send out your teams.
  13. Watch the Scoreboard: And then watch the Scoreboard page to track your individuals and teams inputting the most reviews. The Scoreboard will update in real time!
  14. Meeting back at the kickoff location: (Optional) At the end of the Mapathon it’s nice to meet back at the Kickoff location to hand out prizes and/or give all the participants a thank you. But sometimes because participants are going to far away neighborhoods, it’s easier for them to just go home afterwards. This part is up to you and depends on how far reaching your Mapathon is geographically.